QSTec enabling solar power.

Society & Solar Education

QSTec proudly supports initiatives that promote sustainable practices and the use of solar technologies within Qatar and the world. Our multi-award winning Shams Generation initiative (Shams is Arabic for sun) was established by QSTec as an interactive hands on learning program that combines art, science, reusing and solar energy. The aim of the initiative is to actively develop the next generation of solar engineers and clean energy champions by enabling students to learn about solar power and its potential as a clean energy source in a way that is engaging and encourages learning. 

QSTec supplies solar energy kits for various ages and academic levels allowing the students to create fantastic pieces of art using solar power and recycled materials. In addition to this QSTec offers training programs and support to teachers to enable them to successfully deliver the program to their students. Over 16,000 students of all ages participated in our Shams Generation program and we are looking forward to hosting a number of new programs throughout 2017. 



Educating our youth on solar is essential for a sustainable future

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