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Job Title Legal Counsel
Date Posted 11/05/2017
Expiration Date 07/03/2018
Short Description To participate in international and local legal issues and affairs, including relationships with stakeholders and relevant third parties, and prepare and/or review related documentation and transactions at various stages of development to facilitate final approval in accordance with terms and conditions that promote the interests of QSTec, comply with applicable rules, regulations and policies, and mitigate potential legal liability, risk or negative exposure
Detailed Description  International and Local Contracts
·         Provide legal advice in relation to drafting or reviewing contracts and other documents that set forth terms and conditions outlining the agreement of the parties. The overall aim is to ensure legal participation that heightens awareness of applicable law or regulation, and provides input on legal issues that may facilitate greater commercial or other institutional advantages.
·         Document drafting or review of relevant terms and conditions should, among other things, assess the potential risks and legal exposure to QSTec, and seek to ensure compliance with rules, internal policies, regulations and legal requirements, even as it actively promotes QSTec interests.
·         Provide professional legal recommendation on disputes related to international or local contracts or other related agreements based on advice from the General Counsel & Secretary of the Board.
International and Local Legal Transactions
·         Provide legal support and recommendation for International and Local Requests for Proposals including documentation that contains important legal and commercial language that ensures that QSTec attains the correct service or product in accordance with internationally recognized standards.
·         Review and provide legal opinion on letters of award and engagement, including variances that inform successful international and/ or local contractors of the terms and conditions governing the contracted relationship between the parties.
·         Draft change orders to address contract variances and alterations with the goal of securing efficient legal and financial protection.
·         As needed, obtain legal advice from legal advisory team in relation to local and international laws and regulations.
Litigation & Investigations
·         Initiate litigation or court process where necessary or advisable and defend QSTec against any claim or legal action taken against it.
·         Review litigation and investigation reports to ensure that they are prepared timely and accurately in accordance with QSTec requirements, policies and standards and in adherence with applicable law or regulation.
·         Implement proper communication and negotiation techniques to avoid litigation where possible and achieve out-of-court settlements favoring QSTec.
General Legal Advisory
·         Provide advice, support and assistance with negotiation and documentation on legal issues of international scope, as the need arises.
·         Coordinate compliance with applicable local and international laws, regulations and standards of best practice in resolving legal concerns.
Contracts/ Agreements Filing & Maintenance
·         File and maintain all international documentation in both a hardcopy filing system and in an electronic database; strive to continuously update files on the database in order to safeguard the legal institutional memory of QSTec.
·         In coordination with the relevant business units, perform proactive contract maintenance through following up and tracking relevant international documentation, carrying out, where necessary, amendments and attachment of addendums to protect the interests of QSTec and minimize risks.
Legal Studies and Research
·         Carry out research, analysis and benchmarking for legal practices on international affairs in order to support activities such as developing new international agreements and resolutions and contribute to the establishment of effective international contractual and other agreements in accordance with the best fitted global practices and world class standards.
·         Study and carry out research, where possible, on legal inquiries or issues of a contractual or other nature arising out of the interpretation and application of international contracts, agreements or other legal documentation.
·         Serve as a legal resource for other business units and departments, keeping them informed, where possible, on legislation, trends and other issues that might affect the company’s overall effectiveness, as well as QSTec’s responsibility to stakeholders.
·         Contribute to awareness sessions on select legal functions in order to maximize compliance of process owners with defined standards, laws, regulations and legislative requirements.
Continuous Improvement
·         Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of  all systems, processes and practices.
Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
·         Follow all relevant functional policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
Statements and Reports
·         Assist in the preparation of timely and accurate functional statements and reports to meet QSTec and function requirements, policies and standards.
Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment
·         Ensure all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental procedures, instructions and controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.
Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Attributes
·         Bachelor’s degree in law from a recognized university.
·         Graduate degree in law desirable.
·         Legal qualification such as bar is preferred.
·         5-8 years relevant experience including  at least 3 years in a similar legal profession.
·         Analytical and problem-solving skills.
·         Time management skills
·         Good reporting skills
·         Conceptual and strategic thinking.
·         Ability to work under pressure.
·         Negotiation and dispute settlement skills.
·         Problem solving skills.
·         Relationship management.
·         Good communication skills.
·         Integrity
·         Expertise in local and international laws and regulations as they relate to QSTec
·         International tenders and contracts understanding and writing skills.
·         Legal report drafting skills.
·         Bilingual language skills in English & Arabic preferable.
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