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Job Title Quality Engineer -Physical
Date Posted 13/11/2016
Expiration Date 17/04/2018
Short Description Provide support for the ultra-trace physical analysis using Cryogenic FT-IR/FT-PL, Lab CVD, Float Zone Grower, Microscopic/Surface Analysis techniques, ICP-MS, GC to monitor the process operation and the quality of intermediate and final products, and other areas as needed.
Detailed Description

  •  Develop the standard analytical procedure for ppta level analysis of polysilicon
  •   Product, using Cryogenic FT-IR/FT-PL, Float Zone Grower, Microscopic and
  •    Surface Analysis Techniques.
  •  Develop the procedure of chlorosilane and hydrogen quality using Lab CVD.
  •  Support the physical analysis of lab technicians.
  •  Support a quality specialist for the chemical analysis and etching leads to
  •  maintain the high quality of filament and final product.
  •  Initiate the continuous improvement plans of quality control in plant.
  •  Monitor product operation and quality and investigate quality issues, working
  •    with the production and product finishing departments to improve the quality of
  •    the process, using data collected from the operations and applying problem-
  •   solving techniques in physical analysis.

    Work Experience: 5+ years working with product quality using ultra trace physical analysis technique. Experience with Chemical/Solar/Semiconductor/LCD industries     and/or clean room is preferred.

Education: BS/Engineering degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering or hands-on experience in related field is required.Previous supervisory experience is highly preferred 

Excellent written and oral English Skills. Microsoft Office and SAP.

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