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Job Title CVD Production Shift Supervisor
Date Posted 11/07/2018
Expiration Date 30/01/2019
Short Description To plan, coordinate & supervise CVD reactor and converter runs, STC to TCS converters & VGR units efficiently for production of polysilicon to be used by product finishing department to deliver the final processed poly rods.
Detailed Description  


CVD Operations

§  Manage shift for production of polysilicon in the CVD reactor & related equipment by coordinating efforts of board & field operators for CVD & VGR.

§  Ensure safe operations of all processing and utility plants & reactors in order to maximise output while achieving product quality specifications.

§  Coordinate with QC & Product finishing departments for ensuring product harvesting as per the requirements.

Production Inputs & Equipment

§  Ensure adequate reserves of equipment related to CVD (protection glasses etc) while making sure the equipment adhere to the prescribed quality standards.


§  Inspect & identify any maintenance related requirements & liaise with maintenance to schedule the task.

Supervision of Subordinates

§  Organise and supervise the activities and work of a small team of subordinates consisting of board, field operators & harvest technicians to ensure that all work within a specific area of activity is carried out in a safe, efficient and procedurally compliant manner.

Continuous Improvement

§  Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of all systems, processes and practices.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

§  Implement approved functional policies, processes, procedures and instructions to subordinates and monitor their adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner.

Statement and Reports

§  Prepare functional statements and reports timely and accurately to meet QSTec and function’s requirements, policies and standards.

§  Create work order notifications & generate reports on SAP in regards to material supply & other related activities.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment (Optional for relevant jobs)

§  Ensure compliance to all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental management procedures and controls across to guarantee employee safety, compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Other Responsibilities

§  Assist & train the operators in relation to the detailed safe start-up; operating & maintenance procedures, process log sheets, ERP needs and departmental policies.


§  Technical or College Diploma

§  10 years of petro/chemical plant utilities operational experience including working experience of DCS/PLC Control system operations

§  Ability to maintain logs as required using SAP, MS Word and MS Excel

§  Managing others

§  Negotiation skills

§  Ability to make timely decisions

§  Communication and reporting skills

§  Relationship management

§  Ability to plan ahead

§  Superior organising ability

§  Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written skills.

§  Strong analytical dexterity

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