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الوظيفة Lab Technician
تاريخ الإعلان 27/05/2018
تاريخ نهاية الصلوحية 30/01/2019
الوصف الملخص The Lab Technician must insure all safety and quality goals are met. Works closely with the production and product finishing area to meet the production schedule and maximize efficiency.
الوصف التفصيلي
  • Analyze the composition, donor and acceptor, metal and carbon impurities in process gases, in acids and in polysilicon product, using ICP-MS, ICP-OES, IC, GC, GC-MS, Autotitrator, Etcher, TOC, etc.
  • Operate the ultra-trace analytical instruments in clean room environment.
  • Develop the gas phase, liquid phase and solid phase metrology for the impurities analyses of trichlorosilane, hydrogen, HCl and polysilicon.
  • Obtain accurate and reproducible results for all testing and measurements.
  • Take gas, liquid and solid samples in the process areas for analysis.
  • Calculate the analytical raw data and report to Lab Supervisor.
Work Experience:
  • 4+ years working with corrosive or explosive gases such as chlorosilanes, H2, HCl, and/or organosilanes. Operation experiences of GC, GC-MS, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, IC, Etcher, TOC, LT FT-IR/FT-PL, Float Zone Grower, MCLT, ICA, 4-prove point resistivity, and Lab CVD are highly recommended.


  • Diploma in Chemistry or Physics or related field is required
Skills, Capabilities and Languages:
  • Must be able to work in a team environment.

  • Excellent in oral & written English is required. 


  • Fundamental of polysilicon manufacturing process.
  • Ultra-trace impurity analysis of chlorosilane and polysilicon.
  • Ultra-trace microanalysis in clean room environment

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