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الوظيفة Product Finishing Technician
تاريخ الإعلان 25/05/2018
تاريخ نهاية الصلوحية 18/10/2018
الوصف الملخص While working on a rotating shift, they must insure all safety and quality goals are met. Works closely with the CVD area and storage area to meet the production schedule and maximize efficiency.
الوصف التفصيلي
  • Report to the Break and Packaging Team Lead.
  • Responsible for product breaking while maintaining the quality of polysilicon.
  • Responsible for the product sorting, packaging and occasional lifting of 10 Kilo bags and 30 kilo product boxes when needed, while maintaining the quality of polysilicon.
  • Responsible for harvesting polysilicon from the reactor. Loading the reactor with filaments, cleaning of the bell jar and baseplate of the reactors.
  • Responsible for cleaning of all work areas.
  • Responsible for the optical inspection of polysilicon product.
  • Responsible for chemical cleaning (etching) of polysilicon.
Work Experience:
  • 2 years of experience with clean room systems and product handling is desired. Ability to routine lift ~25 kg throughout the shift.
  • A minimum of High School Diploma. Technical Diploma or College Diploma is preferred.
  • Fundamental of polysilicon manufacturing process.
  • Minimization of surface contamination of polysilicon product.

المؤهلات المطلوبة
  • Excellent in oral & written English is required
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